118 Minutes with Pete Johnson (Complete)

Editors Note: By popular request (and to bump Mike from the front page), we’ve made a playlist of all four parts of 118 Minutes with Pete Johnson so you can view all parts without having to click through the different posts. Thanks for the continued feedback. – Jerry

Pete and I pick up where we left off last year. In this episode of Draper Dialogues, Pete and I go into detail about his small ring gauge offerings, his cigar releases celebrating his 10 Year Anniversary, the history of the 60 plus ring gauge phenomenon, traveling, his wine project, spirit pairings in general, Surrogates Animal Crackers, Black Label Corona Gorda Redux, focusing on regular production, packaging, Monster Series and expansion, travel humidor and all kinds of other goodies to look forward to from Tatuaje and The Workshop. We sprinkled information about upcoming releases throughout the video so to get a complete list of what to look forward to in 2013 and forward you will have to stay tuned to all the parts.