Grimalkin by Emilio Cigars


I hope all the fathers out there had a relaxing and enjoyable Father’s Day. I’m here with a review of the Grimalkin by Emilio Cigars. The Grimalkin has been making some waves as of late on Twitter and Facebook. Fortunately, opportunity came knocking to check them out as owner of Emilio Cigars, Gary Griffith was partnering up with my friends at W.Curtis Draper for an event featuring the entire Emilio Cigars lineup. Like I said, the Grimalkin has been making some waves along with Gary’s AF1 and soon to be released AF2 blends. Unlike the AF1 and AF2 blends, the Grimalkin isn’t made by AJ Fernandez. For fear of my nuts being kicked by Gary, I heard that the Grimalkin is being made by the Garcia family out of the My Father Cigars factory in Nicaragua.

Video runs on the longer end of 8 minutes and I’ll be honest. I think the Grimalkin is a winner. Solid medium bodied cigar with a slow burning, charry woodsy and cocoa flavor profile. Added to those flavors is a subtle spicy sensation and a syrupy texture that coats and layers the palate for a unique smoking experience. I point out in the video that, wrapper aside, the flavor characteristics of the Grimalkin reminds me a bit of the Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial. Maybe thats total bullshit, maybe I wouldn’t think that if I didn’t know who made the Grimalkin. Either way you slice it, if you’re looking a solid medium bodied cigar with a unique twist and enjoy a pair of bitchy cat eyes starring at you, track down the Grimalkin.