La Flor Dominicana Air Bender (Guest Review)

The following is a message from Tom

LFD_Air Bender

Hello Stogie Review! As always, Ed and I offer you our monthly guest review for the month of April.

A month or two ago, Ed was given some samples of the Air Bender by La Flor Dominicana. He smoked one immediately and wasn’t impressed at all. Then I saw Stogie Review’s own Brian Hewett review this cigar, and he wasn’t impressed either. This left us with low expectation to say the least.

Ed let the cigars rest for awhile before we did the review. To our surprise, it was overall a very nice smoke. The first third was good but somewhat lackluster. As we reached the second third, it quickly ramped up to a nice full bodied experience. The Air Bender proves that you can have a nice full bodied cigar without sacrificing flavor.

This also goes to show how subjective this whole “Good cigar, bad cigar” thing is. As always, I’d be curious how your experience compares to ours. I do know that Ed and I will be smoking more of these for sure!