Casa Magna Colorado Robusto (Short Ashes)

Casa Magna - 1

With the arrival of Jerry’s Petit Corona getting closer and closer, he has been dealing with a landslide of work at his day-job. He asked me if I could step in for him while he gets his head above water and I saw it as the perfect opportunity to finally smoke that acclaimed Cigar of the Year that has been sitting in my humidor for months.

As you may have guessed it, that cigar is the Casa Magna Colorado and was ranked number one by Cigar Aficionado. After the rankings came out, the Casa Magna virtually flew off the shelves of cigar shops across the country and also earned itself the unofficial title of back ordered cigar of the year.

Because practically all of my purchases are made locally, I was only able to get my hands on a single stick when Kensington Tobacconist received their shipment. Before I could get back into the shop the following week to get a couple more, they were sold out and not expected in again for some time.

With a single stick in my humidor, I was holding off until I had an opening for a Short Ashes review that i could also tie in with some sort of First Impressions video (as I had not yet smoked the cigar). When Jerry asked me to cover and I got a request on Youtube to review the stick, I dug it out and set it aflame.

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