Xikar HC Series – Habano Colorado

Xikar HC Series Habano Colorado

You minus well start dialing your B&M’s phone number to see if they have these. The new HC Series from Xikar is the new name for their Defiance cigars. Not only a new name but an expanded line up that includes a cigar for practically any time of day. While I’m not usually drawn to full bodied cigars, this little firecracker known as the Habano Colorado has started to carve out a little piece of my heart these days.

Video runs around 12 minutes and I also take some time in the beginning to give a shout out to Chuck Colbourne in Fayetteville NC. You see, one of Chuck’s friends sent me the following e-mail:

Thank you guys for making me a cigar geek. My supervisor at work and I have really enjoyed your reviews and learning about cigars. Here’s my request:
I am in the army and my supervisor has been through a lot recently. He just lost his brother to cancer suddenly and honestly, our time over cigars has tremendously helped him cope I believe. Jerry, my boss has always liked your reviews and it would mean the world to him if you could send a “shout out” in a video. His name is Chuck Colbourne in Fayetteville, NC. Thanks guys.

Dealing with a loss of any kind is always tough and if I can help by playing a song and giving a shout out in a video then I’m happy to do so. I’ve said it time and time again, the cigar community is filled with some of the best and most caring people.