Don Collins Piramide

As promised in my review on Friday, I have a pretty cool cigar from Puerto Rico, the Don Collins Piramide. I had my doubts, just like I had my doubts about the Colombian Gold but it turns out, I really enjoyed the flavors and body from the Don Collins.

I don’t like reading very much but even I found the article on the history of Don Collins cigars pretty cool so I encourage you to check out their site and read up.

Special thanks to my buddy and co-worker @csuspect who acquired a sampler from the folks at Don Collins while he was working/vacationing recently in Puerto Rico. Be sure to check out his My Big Fat Puerto Rico video.

Video runs 15:14 and I have to eat a little crow after talking so much trash about my Washington Caps and their 5 game winning streak as we got thrashed by the Flyers this weekend.