What would you like to see in a Blind Tasting?

Almost a decade ago, I came up with an idea for a Stogie Review Video Series that I thought would be very interesting. The premise was to take the same Blind Review format that the big Cigar Magazines used and put a Stogie Review Twist on it.

The concept was to reach out to friends at cigar companies and get my hands on a few cigars of the same size and shape. I would then remove the bands and present them to a group of people to review in front of a video camera.

With reviewers in the dark as to what they were smoking, it required manufacturers to place a lot of trust into the process. As the host, manufacturers would have to trust in the reviewers to find the good in whatever they sent us. More importantly, Manufacturers would have to trust in their blend. After all, there would be no brand recognition to make up for issues with the cigar.

The first Blind Cigar Review panel that I hosted went very well. An inexpensive Flor de Oliva Bundle was thought to be an expensive smoke and the people participating learned a lot along the way. People liked them so much that I still get asked about hosting more.

“Hey Walt, did you ever consider doing another one of those Blind Tastings here at the shop? Those were really cool…”

With the lack of reps coming through my local shop over the past couple of years and the fact that I haven’t been to an IPCPR Convention in several years, I don’t have the contacts that I used to. Despite that, I’m on the fence about hosting another Blind Cigar Tasting at Gilbertsville Cigar Factory.

Before I commit to hosting another event – I’m going to need some feedback. I need to know exactly what you want to see come out of these reviews. In the past, the videos have been very long (some running for over an hour) and feedback was mixed.

Do you want to watch an hour-long video of guys in my local shop doing a deep dive on a cigar or would you prefer a condensed video featuring six to eight opinions?

If you’d like to look back on what has been done in the past, take a look at the list of cigars down below. Be sure to visit the comment section and tell us what you would like to see.