The FDA Update with Frank Herrera

We interrupt our regularly scheduled IPCPR coverage to bring you an update on the legal state of the cigar industry now that the dreaded August 8th effective date has past. If you caught our interview with Frank at IPCPR 2016, you know there was the possibility that this date might be pushed back. And that’s were we get started this time around. Did it happen? (You probably know the answer to that already.) And if it did, what actually happened? Did the sky fall? How will your local retail shop be different? What’s next in the FDA’s march to the sea? Even if you’ve been keeping tabs on the regulations, there’s still a few things you probably don’t know. (Some of those things the FDA doesn’t know either and they’re responsible for this mess.) Check out the video below for the complete scoop.

As before, this post and the video you are about to watch are not legal advice. Brian is not a lawyer, nor is he a paid or unpaid spokesman for a lawyer. As far as anyone knows he’s never seen the inside of a court room. If you are need of some legal advice and/or assistance with the FDA regulations, Frank is happy to help. You can contact him at (@CigarLaw on Twitter), (@hnewmedia on Twitter) or on Facebook.

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