Cigars and Talk

Walt - Lawn TractorSunday was a beautiful day here in Pennsylvania. It was so nice, in fact, that I couldn’t resist the urge to fire up the lawn tractor and and tame my wildly growing lawn. With my wife and daughter out visiting my mother in-law, it was a perfect opportunity for me to light up a cigar and putz around the lawn.

Having planned for this very situation, I picked up a couple of Ashton Cigars. These aren’t your usual Ashton, these come in unbanded bundles and cost less than $3 per single at the local level. I didn’t set the bar very high on my inexpensive Churchill-sized stick but was impressed as I set off on my mower.

I made one loop around my lawn and had to stop for a moment. In about two minutes I managed to run out of song skips on Pandora and found myself desperate for something different to listen to. On a whim, I loaded up the iOS Podcast App and began poking around. I wound up checking out an episode of Entrepreneurs and Coffee then stuck around for two more episodes while I worked.

It has been years since I’ve listened to a cigar podcast. When Bob and Dale went off the air they left a gigantic hole in the cigar podcast realm. I’ve tried different shows over the years but nothing has kept me coming back like Dog Watch Cigar Radio used to.

The purpose of todays quick little blog post is to kick around some podcast recommendations. I don’t care what the topics they cover, I just want to know what you listen to while puffing away on your cigar.

What is your favorite Podcasts to listen to
while enjoying a cigar?