A Discussion of Private Lounge Membership

Sir Stogies Private Lounge

Earlier this week I put together a quick blog post talking about a deal I got at my local cigar shop. We received a handful of comments on the subject with each person sharing stories of their own local deals.

One comment, made by George, sparked a side discussion about Memberships. I was curious of the benefits he received as a member of his club and what his annual cost was.


I won’t pretend to know what the average membership cost is across the country. Instead, I’ll focus on what my membership at Sir Stogies costs and the benefits I receive. Perhaps afterwards we can compare notes and see what typical membership amenities include.

An annual membership at Sir Stogies costs $200. This includes access to the private lounge, via key-card, from 9:00am until 12:00pm – 365 days per year. Members receive 5% off single stick purchases and 10% off box purchases. For an additional $50 per year members can rent a locker in a humidified room.

So far, this is all pretty standard stuff. The one big difference I’ve seen with Sir Stogies is that Members receive free lunch / dinner on Sunday. The meal is almost always home-cooked (unless the owners are out of town – then they usually provide pizza). Soda and beer are also put out, free of charge.

There is an annual dinner held in March which includes gourmet food and cigars. Members are given priority and pay $40 to attend. If there are any tickets remaining they are sold to the public (very few tickets remain after they go on sale to the members) for $60 per ticket.

I couldn’t really guess as to the size of the private lounge but it includes two sofas (one of which has two built-in recliners), three reclining chairs, a card table (which seats four very comfortably), computer desk, dart board, bristle board, pool table, big-screen television (with a premium cable package), bathroom, and a kitchen (sink, microwave, refrigerator, and kuerig). All in all, it is a beautiful space with a lot of warm hardwood.

Given the area (a lot of blue-collar workers), I think $200 per year is a fair price to pay for the benefits received. Sure, I’d love to see a bigger discount but I’m not upset with 5%. My one and only gripe is that I wish the lounge either opened earlier or went to 24 hour access. For a guy that leaves the house at 4:30am for work, having to wait until 9:00am on the days that I work from home feels like an eternity.


What would you pay for a Private Lounge Membership
and what benefits would you expect to recieve?