Perdomo Double Aged Ecuadorian Connecticut 12 Year Robusto

Perdomo Double Aged Connecticut 001 (600x400)


I feel like I am a Perdomo whore these past couple weeks because this week I have another one for you, the Perdomo Double Aged Ecuadorian Connecticut 12 Year in the robusto size. This is a normal 5×50 and runs $10 MSRP. This has the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper with the Nicaraguan binder and filler.

Starting out with this Perdomo Double Aged Ecuadorian Connecticut 12 Year and there is a taste that reminds me of nougat up front but separating the flavors seems more like caramel and peanuts. Very mild and creamy. Slight increase in spice around halfway and still fighting in my head over nougat or caramel and peanuts while it gets a little more meaty. Surprisingly it is holding together well even with the wrapper tear. Got pretty fugly at the end with a sharp spice and earth in the last inch and the creaminess going away quickly. Stayed mild but wished it would have stayed to the nub with the nice creamy profile. I know, I ask for too much.

Would I buy it again? Difficult to say. I would try another after they sit for a few months but if it got so nasty at the end I probably would buy it again. Not for $10. Hopefully they will settle down in that last inch and I would definitely buy more then.