BG Meyer Standard Issue

BG Meyer 001 (600x400)

Wrapper : Nicaraguan Habano
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : Bought at Tobacco Company in Lemoyne

Welcome to this weeks cigar review of the BG Meyer Standard Issue. I found this at a (kind of) local shop and figured I would give it a shot. This cigar is available in five sizes, Robusto (5×50), Toro (6×50)-this is the one i am smoking, Churchill (7×48), Figurado (54x42x6.125) and Gordo (6×60). Price point is $8-$10.


Taking a whiff and I get a spicy barnyard scent on wrapper with plain tobacco on the foot and a peppery cold draw.

Burnin’ down the house.

First Third

Cinnamon with wood to start off this BG Meyer Standard Issue. Bit of a wonky burn right now but that may be due to the foot being extended on part of it like I showed in the video. Hit medium range quickly along with the spice ramping up and bringing some of the pepper I got on the cold draw in to the woody cinnamon mix. Getting that dull taste I associate with Davidoff cigars too. Interesting. Kind of a sugar coated piece of cedar that lost most of its cedar aroma. Really hard to explain. Has a little citrus taste hitting my palate right now too. Busy first third! Ash has held on this whole time. Tons of smoke with this cigar too. One of the others I smoked had a dominant citrus to it which I didn’t care for. This one and the other one I smoked just has a hint which makes it nice for me.

Second Third

Starting out the second third of this BG Meyer Standard Issue with a little lighter touch up. Flavors are very nice in this cigar at this point. If it would stay in the medium range the rest of the cigar, I would be in heaven but I think it will keep ramping up. Flavors stayed consistent in this third except the cinnamon has totally gone away now and a little charred meat taste has popped up every now and then. Cigar started to tunnel so I did a major touch up like was mentioned in the video. The picture in the video was taken after the touch up since none of the others burnt like this one did.

Final Third

Into the final third of this BG Meyer Standard Issue and even after that major touch up the flavors are still coming through very nicely. It is a full cigar at about this point. Not overpowering but I would not smoke it in the morning. Charred meat took over for a while before relinquishing some to a spicy wood component here at the end.


Would I buy it again? Yes. I doubt by the box due to the strength but it is a great cigar for me to enjoy after dinner.