CAO America Anthem – revisit

CAO America Anthem - 2 001 (600x400)

This week i take a look at the CAO America Anthem once again. I got a hold of a few of these and am going to try and keep them to smoke one or two a year and I figured it was July 4th, so I might as well light one up and chat at the camera. No writeup to speak of but here is a link to my previous review of this cigar ORIGINAL CAO AMERICA ANTHEM REVIEW
That will give you the run down of the cigar. I have a question in the video about storage also so if you do watch, I would appreciate your thoughts.

I wish they would still be making these, like I said in the video. Lower the price point and put them in 10 count boxes. Price was just way too high to justify buying many of them.

Stay tuned at the end for a video of my little friend.