The Show

A disclaimer to begin with. When I refer to “we” I am referring to us here at Stogie Review. We are not trying to speak for all cigar media outlets. We are just speaking for ourselves. We believe each cigar media outlet should be judged on their own individual merit, street cred and not be judged as a group.

Two years ago I penned an article, If We Don’t Go, They Win. That same year at IPCPR, I asked the manufacturers that we interviewed at the show The Blogger Question and so going into last year’s show, we felt good but we left last year’s show feeling otherwise.

Surely after 2-3 years of so much back and forth banter and conference calls you would think the issue(s) regarding new media at IPCPR would have been sorted out. It hasn’t and thats sad. We truly believe new media can benefit the IPCPR, its mission and its members if only they’d allow us to cover the show in a unique, creative, professional way. The same old complaints remain; we get in the way, we are pushy, IPCPR isn’t for us (even though we are considered equal to Associate Members and pay membership dues) and of course, the ever popular, we are all about the free samples. Trust me, some of us don’t have to leave our houses for free samples let alone spend a few thousand dollars, time off work, etc, to get them.

As you can tell by the tone of this article, for the first time in 8 years, Stogie Review will not be attending IPCPR this year. We are over all the drama. Every year we have conducted ourselves professionally and abided by the media guidelines IPCPR has laid out. We’ve spent the money, joined, sucked up the price increases with the hope that IPCPR would take notice, appreciate and embrace the diligent job we do. Sadly, that has not been the case. Someone asked me a few days ago, “what has IPCPR done for you besides take your money?” I didn’t have an answer and still don’t.