Sindicato Affinity

Affinity 004 (600x400)


Today I am taking a look at the Sindicato Affinty cigar. This will be the third out of four cigars they produce so you may see the fourth in the near future. This is the toro size which is 6×54.

A lot of nutty taste to start off with this Sindicato Affinity and a slight hint of pepper. Very slight hint. Mild cigar all around right now. Not much has changed other than the smoke getting creamier. Pepper is very slight with the nutty taste still ruling the roost. Here at halfway nothing has changed except me getting a cup of coffee. Nuttiness of the cigar is going nicely with this Marley coffee I got to try. Sweetness has come back a little more frequently now but nothing is overtaking the nice nutty taste. In the last two inches now and the pepper has shot up to try and give the nutty taste a run for its money. Still creamy and mild. Ended nicely with a bit more peppery taste but still nutty and a hint of sweetness.

Would I buy it again? Yes ma’am I would. I really liked the nice simple taste to the cigar and it goes great with a morning cup of coffee. Just a great mild cigar that lets you relax and enjoy the moment.