Camacho Diploma 11/18

In late 2013, Camacho rebranded their company including reblending some of their classics like the Camacho Diploma.  They also got rid of a few lines to more streamline the brand.  This was meet with a lot of contention with the large group of fans of Camacho.  The Diploma had been one of my favorites for a long time so I was a little worried myself of how the new version would be.  My local cigar shop, The Cigar Shop in Biloxi, MS, hosted one of the Camacho “Touch It Up” Tour events and I was able to try out several of the new blends.  The one that impressed me the most was the new Diploma.  The new blend was very good with notes of leather, cedar, black pepper and a hint of sweetness.  The burn was really good and the draw was perfect.  This new blend is definitely a winner.