Fuente Fuente Opus X Angel’s Share Robusto – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

In 2012, Fuente released the Fuente Fuente Opus X Angel’s Share in limited edition humidors made by God of Fire/Prometheus.  In December 2013, a limited number of these cigars were released to Opus X account holders throughout the nation.  These cigars have a different construction than the regular Opus X line.  The difference is the wrapper used where the regular Opus X uses an upper priming wrapper leaf where the Angel’s Share use a middle priming.  This gives the cigar a smoother flavor with less body.  The name comes from Carlos Fuente Jr. when he was interviewed about the devastating fire Fuente had in 2011 where they lost a large tobacco barn to a fire.  He said that the angels had a great smoke that day.  This cigar is a tribute to that fire.  Traditionally, Angel’s Share is a term used by distillers to reference the natural evaporation of distilled spirits while aging in barrels.

This cigar has impeccable construction with a very smooth wrapper and excellent cap.  It has a soft box press with perfect draw.  Upon lighting the cigar, I get notes of cedar, leather and black pepper spice.  A little sweetness started to creep in to accent the other flavors.  This cigar is ultra-smooth with a perfect burn.  As the cigar burned to the mid-point, a cinnamon note started to surface to join the other flavors.  Near the end, the flavors remained the same, but the spices started to mellow out and the leather note started to become more dominant.  The cigar burned very smooth with a long finish all the way to the end.  An excellent cigar to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  I can’t recommend this cigar high enough. At a price point of $14.50, it is WELL worth money.  These are hard to find as I was only able to get two of these, but the search is worth the prize.  Search these out.  You will be greatly rewarded.