Don Pepin Garcia 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

Pepin 10th 002 (600x400)

Wrapper : Ecuadorian Habano
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : Gifted from Dave

Welcome to this weeks first impressions review of the Don Pepin Garcia 10th Anniversary Limited Edition cigar. This cigar is available in one size (6 1/2 x 52) in individual coffins and boxes of 14. It is also limited to 2000 boxes. MSRP for singles is $22.

I have to admit, I like cool bands on cigars and this one is pretty cool (check out the video). I was a little disappointed by the number of veins and the two blemishes on the wrapper but I am a cheap bastard and a cigar at $22, even given as a gift, should be perfect in my humble opinion.


Starting out this Don Pepin Garcia 10th Anniversary Limited Edition cigar (WOW what a mouthful) and it hits the pepper and spice right off the bat. There is a bit of woodiness and leather to go with the spices but they are pretty far in the background at this point.

Half way done and the pepper has turned to a creamy white pepper that is so nice on the palate. There is a sweet component to the smoke that reminds me of the cocoa I had on the cold draw but since it just started coming into play I will hopefully be able to narrow it down more in the final third. Strength has picked up to a high medium or low full at this point and I expected it would be a full bodied cigar because of who makes it. Burn has been excellent, band came off perfect and it is a very enjoyable smoke at this point.

Rounding out this Don Pepin 10th Anniversary Limited Edition cigar with it hitting a full strength with full flavor. I really got into that creamy white pepper. Burn was excellent throughout.


Would I buy it again? Maybe. It was a bit strong for me but maybe after a big steak dinner I would enjoy another one. I was wishing it would stay in the medium range after that creamy white pepper taste came into play but it kept creeping up. I will also mention the price point is a bit out of my comfort zone too. Well, it is a LOT out of my comfort zone.

Bottom line is, if you have the money and are a smoker who enjoys a full cigar, grab these up quick as I doubt they will be around for very long.

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