Asylum Premium - 1

I am a glutton for punishment. Despite having virtually no cigar budget these days, I like to browse over to Cigar Monster once per day to check out their Monster Mashup. More often than not, I wind up closing the browser tab and texting Jerry about some great deal I came across.

Last week I did something a little different and couldn’t resist putting an order in. Included in my small order was a 5 Pack of Asylum Premium Cigars. I hadn’t smoked the brand before but with Christian Eiroa behind the blend and a $17.00 price tag, what did I have to lose?

Going into this review, I had my hopes set very high. I’ve been a big fan of the Camacho lineup and a part of me hoped that the Asylum would be the rebirth of Camacho, so to speak. Perhaps a Christian Eiroa blend before the whole CEO of Cigars transformation, numerous price increases, and packaging changes. You know, something like the old Camacho Corojo or El Legend-Ario.

I lit up my very first Asylum with a nostalgic twinkle in my eye. As the smoke began to billow, I settled into my chair and waited to be taken away by big, bold flavors. I’m happy to say that I got just what I was hoping for. The flavor hit hard and was followed up by a nice, creamy finish.

What I’ve found is that the Asylum doesn’t hit you with mind-blowing flavors. You won’t be in awe of the unique and refined flavors of the tobacco. Instead, what you’ll get is a fantastic example of a solid cigar. The woody, leathery, spicy, meaty sort of flavors that the blend produces are, simply put, just solid. I can’t put it any other way, this is a solid cigar that lacks the refined wow-factor of higher priced cigars. You just wind up with a solid cigar that is well worth the price of admission.

Construction was a little off but I really can’t complain much considering what I paid for the 5 Pack. The first cigar that I smoked had a draw that was a bit stiff. The cigar that I smoked for this review had a small tunneling issue that worked itself out after a few minutes. Aside from that, the smoke volume was excellent and the burn line was thin and even.

If you are in the market for a solid, budget friendly, cigar I would suggesting picking up a couple of Asylum Premium Cigars to smoke. They are medium to full bodied with a creamy finish and strong flavors. At the Cigar Monster price of $17.00, the Toro is an absolute steal.