Sencillo Black

Sencillo Black

Last week I fell into a groove. The weather was beautiful and after recording a review of the E Stunner by EP Carrillo, I wanted to follow it up with something else. I dug around in my humidor and came up with a Sencillo Black. I headed outside with my cigar, camera, and a cup of coffee. While I enjoyed my cigar, my daughter played on her swing set.

The Sencillo Black is a cigar that I’ve been meaning to review for months. I was fortunate enough to be gifted ten of them by Keith Park, of Prometheus, and I’ve been enjoying them off and on for some time now. As I understand it, the Sencillo Black is made by Nestor Plasencia in Nicaragua. The cigar is available in five sizes ranging from a Robusto up to a Gigante.

For this review I smoked a Short Churchill and found it to be a pleasant smoke. The flavors consistent of wood and coffee, with pepper notes through the retrohale. The finish was creamy and the body fell into the medium to full range. Construction was solid with a smooth draw and lots of dense smoke.

I came away from my Sencillo Black happy, although, this cigar lacked the ‘wow factor’ that keeps you coming back for more. While I certainly wouldn’t turn down one that was gifted to me, I wouldn’t be in any sort of rush to run out and buy more.

When you are finished with the video cigar review, head down to the comments section and tell us about your experience with the Sencillo Black from Prometheus.