Swisher E-Cigar

Swisher 001 (600x400)

Wrapper : Plastic
Binder : Batteries
Filler : Some liquid stuff
Source : Free sample through BzzAgent

Welcome one and all to the wonderful world of Mike. On today’s show we have for you a free sample I got from being a BzzAgent called the Swisher E-Cigar. Yes, that Swisher. I know most of you have started calling the men in the white coats for me but with new technology comes some interesting things. This is really not one of them.

If you ever wondered how a Swisher E-Cigar compared to a regular Swisher Sweet, well my friends, I have you covered. Would you like to know if your local store would let you smoke one inside of it, I have a few responses for you. I will let the video fill in the gaps on this one.

I do want to ask if anyone has experience with any other e-cigars or with any laws regarding the use in establishments, please let a comment. I found it very interesting that most companies have no policy regarding the electronic smoking devices and am even more curious how the law would react if a business kicked you out for using one.

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