Three Accessories

With Christmas around the corner I thought I’d share three accessories that I’ve found to be just as essential as my lighter and cutter. If you are a loyal reader of Week in Smoke or if you use the Hewitt Method (you just look at the pictures) you’ve probably noticed them in the background. Some of you may not think these are ‘practical’ accessories and thats fine. I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t think so either at first until I actually started using them and found how useful they really are. I think all of these would make for some great stocking stuffer items for that fellow cigar passionado.


Humidor Notes ($13/3-pack at – There are three things that I really like about Humidor Notes. The first is it’s size. Unlike the old school Cigar Journal that sits on your bookshelf or a thick pocket bible sized alternative, Humidor Notes is compact enough to fit comfortably in your shirt/suit/pant pocket or even in your trusty travel humidor. The second is the included glue dots so you can easily and neatly insert your bands. No more messing with tape or stealing your kids glue stick and making a mess everywhere or having pages stick together. Humidor Notes has everything you need to capture your experience as you smoke and not having to wait till you get home and the details are fuzzy or you’ve lost the band. The third thing I love and retailers love about Humidor Notes is that it helps your retailer out. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how many times someone walks into a shop trying to describe a cigar they are looking for…”its a cigar by Hecho a Mano” or “it has a red label and came in a wooden box”. Trust me, your memory isn’t as reliable as you think. There is something therapeutic, old school and enjoyable about writing with a pen as opposed to launching an app to do this. Its also cool to exchange Humidor Notes while sitting at the cigar shop and seeing what others have been smoking, their thoughts and discovering a cigar you’ve never heard of.

Some @tatuajecigars La Casita Criolla action this evening.

Siesta by Custom Ash ($24.99+ at – A new addition to my accessory mix is the Siesta cigar stand by Custom Ash. Honestly, when I got this, I was certain I would never use it. When would I use a cigar stand to rest my cigar when there is always an ashtray nearby? “Always” and “Never” are two funny words. Once you use one of them you start to find a lot of exceptions like sitting at a park bench while your wife gets her hair done, a family member’s backyard, a cigar event that doesn’t have enough ashtrays or the ashtray only accommodates two cigars or the truly bizarre where there are only small cigarette style ashtrays. I’ve used mine a lot at my local shop during events when it is standing room only. I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve used my Siesta when I swore that I’d never be in a situation where it would come in handy. Lite weight, portable and sturdy.

A good pairing @stogiereview @chiefhava

Stogie Review Travel Humidor – I’m pimping the Stogie Review Travel Humidor by Xikar that is only available via giveaways here on Stogie Review. There are several brands, sizes and other variations to a travel humidor. Regardless of what brand you use there are some things to look for like a good, air tight seal, proper padding to keep your cigars safe, for those that fly a lot, a pressure release valve so you don’t do what I do and throw your travel humidor onto the floor until it opens. I don’t fly as much as I use to nor do I go off road in my Jetta but my 10 count SR Xikar Travel Humidor is the perfect companion to safely carry the above two accessories, a Boveda pack for humidification and a few cigars to enjoy/trade at the shop and a little room to bring some treats home.