Diesel Unholy Cocktail (Short Ashes)

Diesel Unholy Cocktail while my daughter naps. May be a bit much for an afternoon cigar.

Last week I made mention in the Herrera Esteli Cigar Review that I was in attendance for the Cigars International Superstore Grand Opening in Hamburg, PA. What I didn’t mention was that while there, my wallet had a traumatic experience. I found myself walking around the store, placing cigars in my shopping basket, without a care in the world.

As I stood in line, waiting to pay for my swollen basket of cigars, I felt like a kid in a grocery store. Little treats in the form of cigars surrounded the register just waiting for the weak willed customer to splurge on an impulse buy. I was that customer and picked up a pair or Diesel Unholy Cocktail Torpedos.

My only experience with the Diesel line came as a gift from Mike during Cigarfest, a couple years ago. I smoked the Diesel Unholy Cocktail Shorty. I think I enjoyed it at the time but apparently it didn’t leave a lasting impression. With my daughter down for a nap and a little free time, I sat out on my porch and smoked one of my two Diesel Unholy Cocktail Cigars. Check out the video below for my thoughts.