5th Annual Smoke a JJ for JJ Day


We are less than a month away. This is always a bitter sweet time of year. I find myself always looking forward to this year but at the same time, dreading the emotional roller coaster it triggers. If you remember my post last year about Three Things I Know to Be True (Cigars Edition) you will remember I wrote how cigars can be a band aid. I wrote:

When I’m in the dumps missing the Little Robusto. I’ll step outside, light a cigar and relive the million gracious smiles JJ blessed us with. Sarah Kay says she writes poems to figure things out…I smoke cigars to relive gone but not forgotten smiles. Cigars can be a band aid.

This time of year is one of those “band aid” moments. With Gracie (my Petite Corona) becoming a little chatter box I often find myself day dreaming what JJ’s voice would be like. Would he be playing with matchbox cars or be more into painting like his sister? He’d be starting kindergarten this fall. Five years and you can’t help but wonder…

July 22nd is the 5th Annual Smoke a JJ for JJ Day. This year is a bit different in two ways. First there is the “Little Robusto” cigar thanks to My Father Cigar and The Little Robusto Project. Secondly, on Friday July 20th at W.Curtis Draper DC and Saturday July 21st at W.Curtis Draper Bethesda I’ll be in store and hopefully be able to enjoy a Little Robusto with many of you.

If you’d like more information on The Little Robusto Project and where to order The Little Robusto please take a moment to read The Story of The Little Robusto Project. That link contains the story as well as the retailers who carry The Little Robusto. But the event is simple, whenever/wherever on July 22nd, spark up a DPG Series JJ and enjoy the time. If you don’t have a Series JJ, no worries. I’ll be thankful for any cigar smoked in JJ’s memory.

I can never fully express my gratitude to all of you who participate. Whether this is your first year, fifth year or somewhere in between…thank you for the band aid.