Partagas 1845


The newest release from the stables of General Cigars is the Partagas 1845. I have a soft spot for Partagas. Any of you who have been with us since the beginning (can’t believe you have stuck around for over six years) probably found Stogie Review because of my review of the Partagas Black on YouTube which was one of the first video reviews we did here. So it is nice to get excited about a new release under the Partagas umbrella. There have been other releases since the Partagas Black like the Partagas Cifuentes and Partagas Spanish Rosado but neither of those really were pushed or really delivered that game changing blend. There was the Benji Menendez Partagas but that was more a limited/special release and in my mind, doesn’t count (I make up the rules as I go). The Partagas 1845 is available in four sizes and can be found in the comfortable $7-$8 price range.

Video runs a little over 11:30 minutes and if the Partagas 1845 was released at least six months sooner, it would’ve been part of my recent Top 7 Everyday Cigars list (maybe replacing the La Traviata) and due to the soft spot I have for Partagas, the Partagas 1845 has in a short time become one of my go to, dependable cigars. In addition to the friendly price tag, the Partagas 1845 features a versatile, balanced, rich flavor profile with a sweet woodsy natural tobacco flavor complimented with a slight creaminess and a sprinkling of spice in all the right places. The smokey aroma is both exotic and alluring. The solid medium body and versatile flavor profile makes the Partagas 1845 a great choice for a anytime of day cigar whether it be your first or last smoke of the day. Take my advice, go with the Robusto or the Gigante size. I had some problems with both the Corona Extra (burned hot and crack wrapper) and Double Corona (tough and plugged draw) sizes.