CI Legends – Maroon Label

Welcome to the CI Legends Maroon Label cigar review. This cigar is produced by Nestor Placensia and is the same dimensions as all the others.

Starting off the wrapper gives a sweet grass scent while there is chocolate on the foot and coffee on the cold draw.

Once it is lit there is a superb woody taste and a sweetness comes into play after a few puffs.

I would call this cigar a medium to start off.

Diving further into the cigar and the flavors stay pretty much the same but the sweetness seems to linger longer (say that 10 times fast) on the palette. Smoke volume is great and the smoke is pleasant coming off of it.

Further along I begin to notice the woody taste includes a pretty dry component to it. Let’s say, non-creamy. It does not make you want to grab a drink constantly but it does tend to lay on the palette as a dry wine would.

This CI Legends Maroon Label stayed pretty consistent throughout the first half of the cigar but then it started to throw out a little bitterness that taste like a dark black coffee. This did not hang around very long but it did leave a sharpness to the aftertaste the rest of the way.

After about another inch, the bitterness came back and this particular cigar gave off an ammonia taste that is very unpleasant. I did not have this problem with the others so I am thinking this was just a fluke but at least you know it could happen. I did put the cigar down at this point.

Ending out the cigar, the woody taste stayed, the sweetness went away and a bitterness came full force. Of course, this ending was for the previous cigars.

Would I buy it again? Possibly. It really is not in my wheelhouse of likability for a daily smoke but every once in a while I could see smoking one if i had them on hand. Like in the video, I would snag a box if i had a walk in humidor just to have around at the nice price point.

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