Camacho SLR (Humidor Diving)

Camacho SLR - Humidor Diving - 1

In a past Humidor Diving video, I spent a bit of time digging around in an old cooler searching for a Camacho Negro that I purchased a few years back. In my search, I came across an old Camacho SLR. I set that cigar aside and planned to feature it sometime later. That time has come.

I don’t know precisely how old the Camacho SLR is but there are a couple of points of reference. As you can see in the photo above, the cigar is sporting the old school bands. I don’t recall when the switch was made to the more trendy bands, but it has been a couple of years. The price tag on the Tubo listed the single stick price of $6.50. The pricing on a single is $7.10, without the tube, so we are looking at probably a $1.00 increase in price over however many years it has been since my purchase.

There was trouble from the very beginning. The wrapper exploded under my, apparently dull, Palio Cutter. Since the camera was already running, I opted to smoke through it until the wrapper was too mangled to manage anymore.

To my surprise, I was able to smoke the cigar down beyond the band. Don’t get me wrong, it was absolutely hideous, but smokeable. Smoke volume was hit or miss due to the cracked wrapper but the cigar burned well.

The flavor profile was mostly woody with waves of sourness coming and going. Age did not seem to help this cigar. It was a shell of its former self. The power in this stick, that made me grin in anticipation so long ago, was weak and disappointing. I’ll most definitely smoke the Camacho SLR again but it will be something a bit ‘fresher’.

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