Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight


Thanks for all the feedback in the last episode of The Week in Smoke. I’m glad to see interest in revisiting cigars that we’ve reviewed in the past. Walt originally reviewed the Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight back in 2007. Thinking about when I first started smoking cigars I remember the Dark Knight series being a very popular line when it was introduced in the mid-2000’s before the whole boutique craze went into full swing. The Dark Knight series differs from the rest of the Excalibur 1066 line as the Dark Knight uses a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper instead of a Cameroon. Nothing new has been seen from the Dark Knight series since 2009 when they released a special Celebration size that was only available in a holiday sampler pack.

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So after almost 5 years of not smoking a Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight where does it stand? Is it still a cigar worthy of a spot in humidor? I will say that I was reluctant to smoke a Dark Knight. I have fond memories of the Dark Knight are was worried that revisiting it would spoil those memories. Surprisingly, the Dark Knight still holds true. It may not be the heavy hitter that it once was but it still delivers. Things like body and complexity are moving targets and change over time and so the Dark Knight is now in a crowded field where once it was a standout. Flawless construction with a predominately cedar notes with a nice dosage of earthiness for depth. A bit of sweet creaminess rounds out a solid, balanced flavor profile.

Whether you started smoking during the boutique craze or an old timer the Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight is worth a shot. It just may surprise you like it surprised me. If anyone from General Cigars is reading this, I offer up some feedback at the end of the video on how to bring the Dark Knight back into humidors.