Camacho Negro (Humidor Diving)

Camacho Negro - Humidor Diving - 1

Over the past couple of weeks I have been telling myself that I need to finally get around to reviewing the Santos De Miami that Brad May was kind enough to send me a while back. Earlier this week I set that cigar aside and made plans to smoke it for todays review.

As it turns out, Brian snaked the review from Jerry, who would of in turn snaked it from me. Over the past five years, I don’t think this type of phenomenon has ever happened here at Stogie Review. Jerry was able to come up with a great post entitled Three Things I Know to be True (Cigars Edition) and I decided to go the Humidor Diving route and dig something old out of my humidor.

Rather than dig around in the cooler until I found something that interested me, I went in to this review looking for a cigar that I just happened to see recently on Facebook. Our friend Steve posted a photo of the old Camacho Negro and I was almost positive I had a couple lying around.

As it turns out, I had four of them buried in a rarely opened coolidor. After rambling to the camera for a couple of minutes, I set my cigar aflame and began my review.

With more than four years of age, the Camacho Negro left a lot to be desired. It seemed as though it had a bit too much rest and lost much of its flavor intensity. Some of the rough edges that I hoped to smooth out with age turned to absolute mush, so to speak.

The cigar burned beautifully and provided plenty of dense smoke. The flavor profile was too one dimensional for my taste and very light in terms of intensity. There was a flicker of hope when the flavor level ramped up but those hopes were dashed away just a few short minutes later when everything turned harsh and overly bitter.

If I had to guess, I would imagine that these cigars probably reached their peak about two years ago. At this point they were too subdued and lacked any wow factor. Even with this cigar as mild flavored as it was, I think they would make a good companion with a cup of coffee, first thing in the morning.