Alec Bradley Black Market

Black Market

Introduced at this year’s IPCPR and recently started hitting the shelves of shops everywhere is the Alec Bradley Black Market. I heard a lot of talk about the Black Market on the show floor and since it was one of the few cigars I didn’t get to sample at the show, I was extremely excited to see them on the shelves of my shop, W.Curtis Draper. A very interesting looking cigar. A nice oily Nicaraguan wrapper (I’ve seen some places call it a Nicaragua Maduro) with a paper sleeve on the foot that is simple and rustic but still very eye catching to stand out on shelves. To complete the blend of the Black Market is a Sumatra binder and a Panamanian/Honduran filler. Available in five sizes (I tried the Robusto, Toro and Torpedo) at a comfortable price tag of around the $8 range.

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Video runs a little over 13 minutes and I gotta say, after being stood up at IPCPR I was really hoping that the cigar sucked. I really wanted to hate it but instead, I’ve fallen in love with the Alec Bradley Black Market. So much so that I think it can dethrone the Tempus as the best cigar in Alan Rubin’s arsenal of cigars. A dynamic, well balanced flavor profile with a creamy earthy core and a amazing zing/zang combination. By “zing” I mean that familiar Nicaraguan Zing or spice and by “zang” I mean a sour citrus component. I know some might think those two flavors don’t work, but they really balance each other out so its not too spicy or too sour. Using the creamy earthy core as a bridge, the zing and zang make for a unique, but to me, familiar flavor profile. It always amazes me how two cigars, using totally different kinds of tobacco, can taste so similar.