Brigade by Carlos Torano

Brigade - main.jpg

Wrapper : Ecuadorian
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : Gifted from Jeff

Whole Thing in a Nutshell

First off I will apologize for this short write up and short video but I am running out of time and wanted to get something posted for today.

Today I am doing the Brigade by Carlos Torano in the Robusto size.

Basics of this cigar is an earthy taste with a bit of spice and natural tobacco. With this being a bundle cigar at a low cost, I really did not expect a whole lot of massive flavor changes throughout but it did step up a bit in the second half to about a medium body and I may have noticed some nuttiness creeping in but not enough to pay much attention to it. I smoked this with coffee at around 8:30AM and I had no problems with it, so if you are a mild-medium smoker like myself, it will be a good start to the day, or even a nice finish to clean off any stronger cigars you have smoked throughout the day.

Would I buy this Brigade? Yes I would. I think for the price it is a very nice cigar and would compliment a stash of the Tatuaje P that I am trying to talk the wife into letting me get.

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