Compact 1300-C Butane Jet Lighter

1300-C Lighter - main.jpg

Welcome back for another accessory review. Today is going to be another inexpensive lighter, the Compact 1300-C Butane Jet Lighter.

I again, received two of these lighters from jjo along with a nice selection of cigars. I really enjoy doing these accessory reviews but I kept the video a lot shorter this time so as to not go over the 4GB mark and cause problems again.

Right off the bat, here is a link to buy these Compact 1300-C Butane Jet Lighter

There really is not much to say in a write up for this lighter so I will let the video speak for me and show you how wonderfully it works.

One thing I did not mention in the video is the naming of this lighter compared to the previous one I reviewed HERE. Could get a little confusing I think.

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