Walt’s Week In Smoke

Smoking a Big Ol' Fat @caocigars LX2 (60 Ring variety from last years IPCPR)

Last year at IPCPR the trend seemed to be all about the big ring gauges. That trend seems to be going strong today, but I digress. I’m not sure if I was given an LX2 in a 60 ring gauge at the booth or in the TBOTLCH Press Kit. Either way, I finally got around to smoking it this week and was less than impressed. The cigar smoked very well but it didn’t deliver the power that I enjoy in the smaller vitolas. As Jerry once said in one of his review, I think that a lot of times the big ring gauge just waters down the cigar. In this case, that seems to be true. In the future I’ll be sticking to the smaller sizes.

It seems like forever since I've had a @Room101Cigars. Found this one buried in the cooler. I think @jcruz sent it.

Room 101 Cigars 702:
The Room 101 line has been rather interesting since the release a couple of years ago. After smoking my very first 702, I was impressed. Jerry did a review and felt the same way about the stick. Shortly after that review there was an outcry that a number of our viewers didn’t feel the same way. Turns out, outside of the popular Camacho 11/18 size, this line doesn’t do much for me. Fortunately, buried in the bottom of my coolidor, I found an old 702 and it was just as impressive as it was a couple of years ago.

The Hobbit and PDR Habano Sungrown - 1

Pinar Del Rio Habano Sungrown:
A while back (6 months at least) I did a pair of box splits with my father. Cigars International was running a sale on old Pinar Del Rio product. For less then $100.00, we picked up a box of Pinar Del Rio Habano Sungrown and Oscuro. I regret buying the Oscuro every time I attempt to smoke one (requires a relight before every puff) but the Habano Sungrown has been solid. This cigar delivers good flavor and body. The occasional cigar is a little snug but I can live with it for as inexpensive as they were.

Fuente Anejo - Shark - 1

Fuente Anejo Shark:
On Sunday night I felt like a cigar and wasn’t sure what to smoke. After talking with Jason on Twitter, I decided to go with a Fuente Anejo Shark that he gifted me during Cigarfest (I talk more about this cigar in a video on my personal blog). Paired with a cup of coffe, this cigar made for a great nightcap. I’m not sure that I like it, leaps and bounds, better than the other sizes of the Fuente Anejo, but it was very good.

Angelenos from Prometheus - With Humidor - 1

Angelenos from Prometheus:
While digging through left over cigars from Cigarfest, I came across a few Angelenos. These cigars were sent along by Prometheus (who sponsored our Cigarfest 2011 coverage) to smoke throughout the event. After having smoked about a dozen of these cigars, they are really starting to grow on me. They are a good medium bodied cigar with decent flavor. The Angelenos isn’t something that has made me stop and say “WOW” but they make for a great sunday morning companion with a cup of coffee.

Nestor Miranda Specical Selection Oscuro - Buckhead Edition - 1

Nestor Miranda Special Selection Oscuro – Buckhead Edition:
If the Buckhead Special Selection Oscuro was a drug, I would need to join some kind of support group. I love these cigars, particularly in the 54 x 5.50 size. I’m told that the only difference between the regular Special Selection Oscuro and the Buckhead variety is an extra ligero leaf. Let me tell you, this added leaf takes a cigar from “meh, I guess smoke one” to “Hot Damn!”

Perdomo Lot 23 - IPCPR Sample - 1

Perdomo Lot 23:
This short and fat Perdomo Lot 23 came home with me from New Orleans as part of the TBOTLCH Press Kit. Up until recently I have been smoking a lot of the Perdomo 10th Anniversary offerings due to their reduced pricing. Because the two lines were so close in price I always felt like I was getting a better cigar for the money with the 10th Anniversary. Smoking a couple of these Lot 23, I may have to rethink that. I have a single Perdomo Lot 23 left from IPCPR, so I think I might just need to search a few out locally and make a purchase.

Alec Bradley New York - 1

Alec Bradley New York:
I’m actually smoking the Alec Bradley New York as I type up this Week In Smoke. For 5:45am on a Thursday morning, it isn’t overwhelming. Paired with a cup of coffee and a little Eric Clapton, this morning is off to a fantastic start. I haven’t had very many of these cigars (I think this is actually my second one) but it has rich flavor and a creamy finish.

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