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After 8 weeks of smoking the House Blends, everyone knows which was my favorite but I will include the links for all the reviews below and choose my favorite below. Red Label

Giving this Red Label the once over and it has a surprisingly nice wrapper with few veins and bumps in it but nothing out of the ordinary for a cigar in this range.

Scent from the wrapper gives a sweeter chocolate scent and the foot just produces mainly a tobacco smell. Cuban Label

Giving this Cuban Label the once over and the wrapper is very neat looking by having different shades going through the roll lines, which you can see in the video hopefully.

Scent on this cigar is just a tobacco smell and the cold draw is a musty tobacco Brazilian Label

Giving this Brazilian Label the once over and the wrapper has a nice sugary scent along with a chocolate and coffee aroma while the foot is giving off a bit of bitterness along with the rest.

Cold draw is very bitter and lingers on the tongue a while after. Corojo Label

Giving this Corojo Label the once over and the wrapper feels a little dry and rough. I am getting more aroma off this wrapper than any of the previous ones in this series, mostly a barnyard scent.

Cold draw gives a bit of spice but not much. Blue Label

Wrapper on this Blue Label is very nice. It has a silky texture to it which actually surprised me a bit.

Scent from the foot and wrapper are all just plain tobacco and it is a very mild scent. Sun Grown Label

Checking out the wrapper on this Sun Grown and it is not the prettiest thing around but for a stick under $2, do you really look for aesthetics?

Sniffing on the wrapper and I get a slight barnyard scent but nothing on the foot other than a normal tobacco smell.

Cold draw gives me a bit of spice and tobacco. Purple Label

We have a nice looking stick today in this Purple Label. Very silky smooth connecticut wrapper but the wrapper nor the foot give off much of a scent other than a mild natural tobacco.

Clipped the cap, and got a nice open draw with a hint of wood flavoring. Cameroon Label

Checking out the Cameroon Label and the cigar feels a little hard but not too awful bad. On the other ones the cigar felt a little soft so we will see if this effects anything. Scent coming from the wrapper is a slight sweetness and tobacco and the foot really is not giving anything off of it other than maybe a tobacco scent.

Clipped the cap and was met with a draw that was tighter than the other ones I have smoked so far but hopefully it will not be problematic.

Of course, the Purple Label is my number one cigar of the bunch. Surprisingly I think the Red Label is a close number 2. I really enjoyed the flavors from that maduro, except the one I smoked on camera, of course.

Now, you can have the chance to try each of these for free! Just let a comment below and indicate which you think you may enjoy the most (none is acceptable also). I only ask that the winner would come back and post a comment letting everyone know which one he or she enjoyed the most after smoking them all.

Let the contest commence. I will run this contest for a week and will draw a winner on Monday April 25th by using a random number generator. I will contact the winner by email, so make sure you use a valid one.

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Winner of the taster pack is – GOLZEE – I will be sending an email out right now to get your address. CONGRATS!