Illusione 4/2g Slam


Back in October 2010, I reviewed the Illusione 888 – Slam and I loved it. Loved it so much that it even made my Top 10 List for 2010. So it was a no brainer to find out which other sizes in the Illusione stables also were available in the Slam version. Enter the Illusione 4/2g Slam. I’m not sure if its the same case as the 888 Slam where a leaf of the filler was removed in order to accomodate the bench press style. With fond memories of the 888 Slam, I was very excited to smoke to acquire and smoke the 4/2g Slam.

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While I won’t say that the Illusione 4/2g Slam is a bad cigar. I really enjoyed the flavors. I thought its core creamy woodsy flavor profile was smooth, balanced and nicely done. The subtle hints of Nicaraguan “zing” were surprising subtle. After consuming the 7.5×49 double corona I was left feeling unsatisfied. While the 4/2g Slam was good and enjoyable I felt like it was missing that signature Dion Giolito element that transforms the cigar from a good “part of the pack” cigar to that great, “leader of the pack” cigar. Enjoyable but with no wow factor. Solid flavor profile but not memorable.