Cain Daytona

Cain Daytona - 1

Up for review today is another cigar that can be found in the Studio Tobac Tour Sampler (Cain F Lancero, Cain FF, Nub San Andreas Maduro, Cain Daytona, and ST/DS-001), in the Cain Daytona. Like previos cigars in this series of reviews, I recieved these sticks as a member of the Studio Tobac Advisroy Board.

After reading Jerry’s recent Week In Smoke, where he explained that he wasn’t a fan of the Cain line but found this stick impressive, I was eager to light it up and give it a try. Armed with my Palio Cutter, a lighter, and a cup of coffee, I got down to business.

The Cain Daytona was a pleasing cigar to look at with its superior construction and consistent color. When pinched, my cigar was firmly packed with tobacco and produced a cedar-like aroma. The pre light draw produced a woody flavor and smooth draw. Once lit, my cigar billowed smoke which coated the palate. The flavor profile was interesting but consistent from start to finish (little variation throughout). The most notable flavors were cedar, sweetness, occasional saltiness, and an intese spice.

Much like you would expect from the Cain line, the body was full. The biggest difference between the Cain Daytona and Cain Habano and Cain Maduro was that the focus was clearly on delivering rich flavor and less about knocking your socks off with power. Where the Cain F was a variation in the blend for the thrill seekers of the cigar world, the Daytona was more laid back and easy going.