Man O’War Puro Authentico


I’m not shy when it comes to fascination with the every growing Man O’War Series. From Ruination to Virtue and everything in between I’ve found myself rather impressed with the ranges in body, strength and flavors. The newest member of the Man O’War Series is the Man O’War Puro Authentico. According to and Cigars International, this is AJ Fernandez’s every day, “go-to” blend. The one size that the Puro Authentico is available in, a 5×42 Corona, is one of my favorite sizes and outside of a Robusto, is the size a gravitate to most often. Similar to all the Man O’ War Series, the Puro Authentico is mainly only available from, Cigars International and probably on cBid (I know, they all the same).

Outside of the annoying packaging I have to say that we have a new champion of the Man O’ War Series. The Puro Authentico edges our the Ruination as my new favorite. Love the size, love its bold peppery and nicotine flavors linger for forever, love the nuttiness that dominates the palate, love the soft delicate woody and coffee notes. I love it all. A unique balance of power, body and flavor that grabs your attention from the start and wins your heart an hour and fifteen minutes later. Note, after some sampling I’ve found that a good chicory coffee really pairs well and enhances the Puro Authentico experience.

Contest – Hard to believe here we are in March of a new year and haven’t had a single contest. Lets fix that now. One entry per person (unless you’re a Stogie Review Fan Forum member; your comment counts as two if you include your forum name). Win a box of Man O’ War Puro Authentico. All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me whether or not you’ve tried AJ Fernandez’s new San Lotano line and if you have, which one do you like the most (Connecticut, Maduro or Habano). Thats it. Winner chosen at random and contest is open for 1 week.