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Wrapper : Ecuadorian Habano
Binder : Dominican
Filler : Dominican
Source : Samples sent from Rodrigo Cigars

I have a treat for you today with the Rodrigo Cigars in the toro size. This is a boutique brand that is only available in select places right now. I was given these cities that it is available as of 2-10-2011: Pittsburgh, PA, Houston, TX, Warwick, RI, and upstate New York. I know of only one store that definitely has them and that is Badger’s Cigar Den in New York (it was on the back of the description card they sent with the cigars). If you know of any other stores that are willing to ship these, please let people know in the comments.

These cigars are available in three sizes, Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 50), and a Belicoso (5 3/4 x 52).


Looking at this Rodrigo cigar I am pleased by how nice the veins seem to blend into the wrapper. I notice a few wrapper blemishes but nothing that will cause problems or concerns. After taking a whiff of the wrapper I get a scent of hay and chocolate while the foot produces a slight scent of wood and sweet hay.

Clipped the cap, lit her up and was met with a very nice open draw.

First Third

Getting down to business with this Rodrigo toro cigar and the first few puffs give me a nice spice across my palette with a bit of wood coming through. Retrohale produces the same spice right now.

I will say, this third really had a lot of flavor to it. I was getting chocolate, coffee, charred wood (which I associate with ligero), spice and even a nutty taste but I could not identify the specific nut.

I noticed the spice seemed to taper off a bit as I was smoking through this third and the coffee and chocolate would almost take turns appearing as I would puff on it. I never got them at the same time or else one overpowered the other and I did not notice the latter.

I would say the cigar is a solid medium at this point. I hope it does not get too powerful towards the end because, as you know, I am a wuss and like mild to medium sticks the majority of the time.

I did touch the cigar up right after I started but it burnt through the first third with no problems after that. I may not have had it lit properly in the beginning.

Second Third

Starting off this second third of this Rodrigo and I had to do another touch up as I let the cigar sit in the ashtray as I was typing the first third stuff and it almost went out. Seems you have to pay attention to this cigar which is the case with most cigars with ligero in them.

This cigar is producing tons of thick dense smoke but it seems to have a nice aroma to it. It is not foul at all.

Really getting some nice flavors through this third also. I pinned the nutty taste down to a cashew that was very noticeable on the aftertaste until the salt took over. I am also getting a bittersweet chocolate and a heavier black coffee taste. I associate the coffee building as having a cup with creamer for the first third and taking away the creamer for the second.

Body has built to a high medium or low full right now.

Final Third

Into the home stretch of this Rodrigo toro and I am enjoying it very much so far. I am more comfortable in the mild to medium range but this is really not bothering me at all and I am getting no noticeable nicotine effects.

Cigar got quite a bit fuller for me along with the chocolate turning into a dark bitter chocolate taste and the coffee becoming even stronger than it was. It may be an espresso taste but i have never had espresso so I am not sure.

I lost all of the nutty taste and the salt taste towards the end.

Cigar is a full body for me.


I have to say I was surprised at the Rodrigo. I thought with the ligero I would not care for it very much but it was really a good cigar. I seemed to like the robusto the best out of the three production sizes as it did not seem to get as full or as bitter towards the end. Again, that surprised me since i tend to favor the larger cigars.

Would I buy it, oh yes. I could easily see having these in my humidor to smoke. I think the price point for a boutique blend such as this is very nice. I can not complain about these cigars under $8 before taxes (sorry New Yorkers).

I smoked this cigar at around noon and had no ill effects from nicotine so that is a very good thing for me.

Let me know if you have smoked them and if you smoked any of the test blends, let me know how you liked them compared to the production line

I forgot to add this – Badger’s Cigar Den – (518) 507 6464 – put in a good word for Stogie Review when you call 😉


George Rodriguez just offered this in the comments, in case you missed it – if anyone would like to try them I will send them a sampler pack myself. $32.50 including s&h for a 5 pack and I’ll include the prototype blend that is a tad bit stronger. I enjoy talking directly to smokers so feel free to contact me if you want to try our cigars .

Very nice offer George, thank you!

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