La Aurora 100 Anos – Robusto (First Impressions)

La Aurora 100 Anos - 1

Several months ago I was speaking with Jose Blanco about the La Aurora 100 Anos. I had virtually no experience with the line and Jose wanted to remedy that, as well see me do some sort of vertical tasting with them. A short time later I received a box of about eight La Aurora 100 Anos in various sizes.

It has been tough getting back into the full swing of things with my daughter having been born, but I wanted to get into these cigars sooner than later. The video below is the first in a series of reviews that I am planning on doing. I am told that each vitola sent was made in different production runs, so that, coupled with the size difference in each, should make for an interesting series of reviews.

First up is the robusto, and it simply wowed me. Its body falls into the medium range while being full flavored. It was smoked as a first cigar of the day, paired with coffee, and its power did not overwhelm. Initially it has a drying effect on the pallat but as the smoke dissipated, it turned creamy and left me salivating for the next puff. Simply put, if these cigars weren’t so expensive and were easier to get my hands on, I would smoke one every morning.