Illusione 888 – Slam


Wow! I like wow cigars! I’m not going to beat around the bush. While the Illusione 888 Slam is just a concept cigar, its exactly what I look for when it comes to a cigar! Flavors galore! Slam is a nickname that Dion uses to describe bench press cigars. Kind of like how cars are “slammed” to make low riders. According to New Havana Cigars Dion had to remove a leaf from the filler in order to get the bench press shape so the blend is a bit different from the regular round shape 888 in production.

Video runs a little under 12 minutes. Last year I gushed over the CAO MX3. The Illusione 888 Slam is that cigar this year. Similar to the Illusione ~hl~, the 888 Slam doesn’t focus on power but instead sets it’s sights on flavor. Dark tobacco, sweet woodsy and slight spice can be found throughout the cigar. A little after the halfway point, the sweet woodsy flavor transforms into this caramel creamy concoction. Together with that underlying spice flavor make for one amazing and satisfying treat.

No humidor should be without the Illusione 888 Slam. I believe it so much that I’m spreading the love around. Instead of hoarding as many of these as I can, I’ve decided to give away a five pack. All you have to do is leave a comment and answer these two questions: 1) What is your favorite cigar by Dion? 2) What movie do you watch no matter how many times you’ve seen it? For example; My favorite cigar by Dion is the Illusione ~hl~ Maduro and I watch the movie Good Luck Chuck whenever its on. One entry per person. Winner chosen at random. Contest ends 12:00am EST on October 25, 2010.