Viaje Summerfest (2010)

Viaje Summerfest

Ever since I fell in love with the Viaje Fifty Fifty Red Label I’ve been on a bit of a Viaje binge. Practically smoking anything that has a Viaje label on it. I had never heard of the Viaje Summerfest but after some digging I found out that, like most Viaje productions, are a limited release (200 boxes of 30) and is part of the Viaje Seasonal Series made up of the Summerfest and Holiday blends. Unless you’re visually impaired (that’s the politically correct term right?) the first thing you notice about the Summerfest is it’s 1.5″ unfinished shaggy foot. Now, the Summerfest is by far the first cigar to feature a shaggy foot but I don’t think I’ve seen a shaggy foot that measures that long bringing the cigar to a whopping 8″ in length.

Video runs close to 12 minutes and to be perfectly honest I was less than impressed with the Viaje Summerfest. Too confusing, too time consuming, too expensive and most of all…too boring. The most exciting/interesting part of the Summerfest is the shaggy foot. I’m not sure the shaggy foot is supposed to bring anything to table but outside of it’s “shock and awe” qualities I didn’t find that it did. Maybe its just me? Maybe I missed something? Maybe the Viaje Summerfest is a prime example of a gimmicky cigar? As always, you tell me.