I first heard of Reinado Cigars at this year’s IPCPR when I ran into Antonio Liam. I kept meaning to get back to his booth and talk to him about the unique fermentation process behind Reinado but with so much going preparing for TBOTLCH I just plum ran out of time. Antonio was nice enough to provide a few samples during the show. Those and the handful I received from JerseyJay were consumed for this review.

Video runs around 9 minutes and I summarize the Reinado as being smooth and strong. While not a perfect balance, the flavors are there but its the strength of the cigar that takes center stage. I really enjoyed the torpedo size as I felt the balance between flavor and strength was more on par with each other. I’ll put the Reinado in the same category as I do the MoW Ruination; not an every day cigar but a cigar for those days you need something to help take the edge off.