Toraño Single Region (First Impressions)

Torano Single Region - IPCPR - 1

Back in July we got word that Torano was taking back control of its distribution. In addition to the in-house sales staff and rebranding, Torano came out swinging with the announcement of three new lines to be introduced at IPCPR. Of those new lines, the most interesting to me was the Single Region – Serie Jalapa.

After my positive experience with the Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 – 50 Year, and Jerry’s positive review of the Master by Carlos Torano, I was eager to give this line a try. What I found was a remarkably neutral first half, and a second half that was rich and interesting.

This review is based on a single sample obtained from Torano Family Cigars for the TBOTLCH Press Kit. Please keep in mind that samples from the convention were not kept in optimal storage conditions and may result in a cigar that is wildly different from what lands on store shelves.