Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary


I need to thank Patrick Vivalo (sorry I butcher your last name in the video) for sending two samples of the soon to be released Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary. Its all in the name and by now, most of you (don’t worry Brian Hewitt will catch on eventually) have figured out that the cigar is in honor of Rocky’s 15 years in the cigar industry and is due to make a national release on July 30th.

The Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary features a Ecuadorian grown Habano wrapper, a Nicaraguan (Jalapa) grown binder and a Nicaraguan filler. The cool thing is that this cigar is made in Rocky’s new boutique factory in Nicaragua. Word has it that one of the filler leaves is grown on a top secret farm in Nicaragua that only grows that particular tobacco.I’m not sure of pricing at the moment (waiting on that guy Brian Hewitt to send it to me) but I can tell you that the 15th Anniversary will be available in four sizes. Okay so Brian Hewitt came through with the pricing info:

Corona Gorda (6×46) – $8.99
Robusto (5×50) – $9.50
Toro (6.5×52) – $10.50
Torpedo (6.125×52) – $10.75

Video runs about 14 minutes and while I wasn’t out of this world blown away by the Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary, I had a hard time coming up with any legitimate criticism (I did nitpick about the spelling error…talk about grasping for straws). The flavor was definitely compex 😉 , unique and balance but like I said, it didn’t blow me away. At the end of the day, I thought it was a good cigar that I’m certain I’d smoke again. After reading the results of Chief Hava’s Retail Pricing Poll where it shows that the average respondent spends $7 to $8 a cigar the 15th Anniversary pretty much fits in that comfort category. Will I seek out more? I definitely will and if they smoke like this one did, a box will be in my future.

Like I pointed out in the video, regardless of whether you like Rocky Patel Cigars or you don’t, Rocky needs to be applauded for all the work he does with IPCPR and CRA in really taking a leadership role in fighting for our right to smoke where we want and to be unfairly targeted by excess taxation.

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