Casa Fuente (First Impressions)

Casa Fuente - main.jpg

Welcome back my fellow cigar smokers to another one of my first impressions reviews.

Today I have for you a cigar I have been looking forward to trying, the Casa Fuente.

These cigars were supposed to be exclusive to Casa Fuente in Las Vegas but I have actually found them available online for purchase. I think if you want it to be exclusive, then keep it that way, but that is my opinion only.

I do not know much about this cigar other than the blend started out to be an Opus X blend and they changed it halfway through to become the cigar you see today. I do know it has a cameroon wrapper but the binder and filler is a secret I have not uncovered.

I am guessing at the size being a corona gorda, as I was gifted this by Tom Barbalet on twitter.

He also told me this cigar has between 3.5 to 4 years of age on it, so you can keep that in mind if you buy a fresh one and get different flavors out of it.

These cigars run from $20 and up for purchase online, so they are by no means a cheap smoke. I do not know what the Casa Fuente store in Las Vegas sells these for.

I will also apologize for doing such a plain jane video for this wonderful cigar but I had a request to fill in for today and I had to get it done in a few hours.

You may refer back to Jerry’s video he did on the Casa Fuente because more than one point of view is always a good thing.

Without further ado, I will let the video speak for me this time.

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