LegendArio Connecticut Bertha

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Origin : Honduras
Wrapper : Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder : Honduran
Filler : Honduran and Dominican
Source : bought from local shop for $5.50

This review is dedicated to the “Real Housewife” – wanna know who that is, you have to watch the video.

Music is dedicated to – Parker (reason) – because he knows the song is true.

I have for you today the LegendArio Connecticut Bertha from Camacho. This cigar is made in only three sizes Toro (6 x 50), Figurado (6 1/8 x 42 x 54), and Bertha (6 x 60).

MSRP is all sizes is $6.50.

Nice little note from Dylan Austin is that the LegendArio brand grew 67% in 2009.

I think that number is very nice and I am glad they brought out the Connecticut.


Taking a big ole sniff of the wrapper and foot of my LegendArio Connecticut Bertha and I really don’t get much but a light barnyard scent.

Wrapper is very silky with a bit of tooth to it but not too much.

Draw is very nice and loose with a bit of natural woody tobacco taste.

First Third

Starting out nicely with my LegendArio Connecticut Bertha. Very mild and woody taste with a bit of sweetness on the back end.

Seems to be nice and creamy so far. I am hoping this continues.

Second Third

Here we are into the second third of my LegendArio Connecticut Bertha and it has mostly stayed the same. I am still getting the predominant woody taste with a bit of sweet tobacco in the background.

I started to pick up a little bit of a bite, but I can not place it yet as it seems to come and go.

Still a mild stick in my books that is burning very well. Any time the cigar has gone off a bit, it seems to catch up itself.

Final Third

Here in the final third of my LegendArio Connecticut Bertha and it is starting to get a little bitter around the last inch to inch and a half.

I was still getting the predominant woody taste but the sweetness really subsided here at the end.

I believe that little bite I got towards the end of the second third may have been from the cigar heating up a bit and has carried into the final third.

Still a mild to low medium stick, even at the one inch mark.


I really liked this LegendArio Connecticut Bertha. I thought it had a consistent flavor throughout but it was a nice mellow smoking experience that I can’t wait to do again.

I actually had five of these and had to keep myself from smoking this last one before I had time to record a review.

Box worthy – oh yes, if you like a mild stick.

I know I am going to be picking more of these up when I get to that shop again.

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