National Brand Toro

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Origin : Honduras
Wrapper : Honduran
Binder : Honduran
Filler : Honduran
Source : Bought from Bonita Smoke Shop

Today I have the bundle cigar, National Brand, in the toro size to review for you. I will also inform you that I am doing this review outside for now, but depending on how loud the rude neighbors decide to play music, I may end up back in before the end.

These cigars are made at the same factory as Camacho and Baccarat. They are available in 8 sizes, Churchill (7.000×48), Corona (5.250×42), Imperial (8.500×52), Lonsdale (6.500×42), Royal Palm (6.125×36), Rothschild (5.000×50), Soberano (7.000×44), Toro (6.000×50). Some of the sizes are available in Maduro, Cameroon, and Sungrown, along with the Criollo ’98.

I am thinking I have the cameroon for you today as it just says Natural on the website


Taking a peek at this National Brand toro and I notice it is a bit spongy to the touch and has a very light wrapper on it.

Scent coming from the cigar is a slight sweetness and tobacco. I am getting about the same from the cold draw also.

First Half

After making a v-cut, I sparked up my National Brand toro with little effort, although I did kind of burn the wrapper a bit cause I could not see the flame outside.

Getting a predominant tobacco taste with a bit of woodiness and some sweetness lingering around.

When exhaling smoke through the sinus cavity, I get a mild twinge of spice but not much else.

Very mild stick so far. I think this would be something for with that morning cup of coffee.

Second Half

Now ending out my National Brand toro with a woody taste that pretty much overshadows everything else. I am still getting the slight sweetness with each puff also.

With about 1.5 inches left it started to get a bit harsh.

This is a very mild stick with neutral flavoring throughout that goes nicely with a cup of coffee.


For the price of this National Brand cigar, I think it is a nice addition to the daily smoking regiment.

If you are like me and are always on the lookout for a cheaper priced cigar to fill some gaps, this just might do it for you. You will not be blown away with flavor or body, but it is a nice cigar to smoke while reading your morning paper, checking the internet or whatever else you like to do. I don’t think I would smoke this cigar when I want to focus solely on it as i would get bored pretty quickly.

I know the video was pretty short but it was my first attempt at doing a review outside and did not want to have a long video that did not turn out. If you don’t see a video below then I will not do anymore outside because it was too screwed up.

Well after rendering the video, I had to crop and zoom to remove the neighbor, plus you get to hear the other lovely neighbor scream at her kid. I think the quality is amazing but my location just is horrible being so close to other houses. Well, let me know what you think.

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