Alec Bradley Vice Press (Guest Review)

It is that time again folks, Tom and Ed join us once again for their monthly video review. This time the guys smoke the Alec Bradley Vice Press.

Guest - Alec Bradley Vice Press - 1

From Tom:
It wasn’t planned, but so far in 2010 Ed and I have only reviewed two brands – La Flor Dominicana and Alec Bradley. This time around we are reviewing the Alec Bradley Vice Press. It starts off in the medium body range and gradually builds to a smooth, creamy full bodied experience. Despite edging into the full bodied range, it is by no means an ass kicker. It is just a slow burning, relaxing experience that commands you to sit down and take it easy.

This video runs for 24 minutes, and we cover every aspect of this smoking experience. We had a little off topic banter about St. Pete Cigars upcoming 5th anniversary celebration this Saturday, but stayed focused on the task at hand – reviewing the cigar. As always, we appreciate any feedback you may have (good or bad). See you next time!