Man O’War Virtue

Man O War Virtue

Dude! Where have you people been? I’ve been posting review after review and no one has been watching them, WTF? LOL…ok ok so it was I that have been absent for awhile. I don’t want to bore you with either a long or short story so…I’m fucking back with a review of the Man O’War Virtue. Like the rest of the Man O’War series they are only available through International.

Available in a number of sizes the Man O’War Virtue is the lightest of all the Man O’Wars. Switching out some of its famous ligero for a blend that contains more seco and viso leaves.

Video runs close to 12 minutes and a long with my review of the Man O’War Virtue I also talk about some other things like why none of us were invited to the Dominican Republic like some of the other blogs and I do more finger pointing at the end. LOL.