CAO Gold – Karat (Short Ashes)

CAO Gold Karat - main.jpg

Hello again. I have a short smoke for you today, as the weather has not been very good and it made my neck hurt too damn bad. I am going to be doing the CAO Gold Karat for your viewing pleasure.

These cigars are 4 inches long and have a 38 ring gauge.

I have smoked through a couple tins of these and figured it would be a nice cigar to put in your sights if you need something to fill a gap between normal cigar smoking times.

I am going to let the video do the talking but will warn you, I am trying a new lighting system today so it may not be perfect, or even good at all. Hopefully within the next few weeks I can perfect the lighting a bit and make everything better.

If you want more information on the Gold line, you can check my previous review of the CAO Gold Perfecto, here.

Without further ado…..

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